Friday, March 4, 2016

A Very Long Day - Monte Cristo

We worked in a remote mountain village -- Monte Cristo (N 15.12654, W088.301259). We travelled for about 10k on a winding, narrow dirt road up and down hillsides. The community people were already at work when we arrived. The old roof was off, and men were welding metal braces to the angle-iron rafters. 45 school kids were crammed into a tiny school room. We passed out school supplies and then started to work. I'll give more details later.

When we returned to Santa Barbara, two men were waiting to ask Steve and me to go on a tour of one of the public high schools "collegio technico" in Santa Barbara. It was late when we returned, and I fell into bed. I will have to download photos and write more details after the work in El Guineal today and the Santa Barbara Rotary meeting tonight.

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